Gift Sets


Bath Essential Set $100

  • Hand Towel

  • Pottery

  • Bath Wash

 About the products

Relax Body Wash has a warm and herbal wooden scent; ideal for winding down after a long day. 100% natural body wash infused with pure grade essential oils. Use Relax Body Wash after cooling down from your training session. The wash is stripped down to the bare essentials
Relax Body Wash Oil Boosts:

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil is grounding and relaxing

  • Carly Sage Essential Oil calms your mind and relieves muscle stiffness

Aden Stripe Hand Towel  is hand-woven in Ethiopia using time-honored weaving traditions and AZO-free dyes. Hand-spun Ethiopian cotton adds a uniquely rich texture that will continue to soften and become more absorbent with each wash/dry. 

Pottery Vase is Handmade High Quality Porcelain Ceramic. Its an inspiration from the attraction of nature. The ceramic pottery is  made to look like the nature surfaces.s 


Coffee & Tea Enthusiast Set $65

  • Coffee mug

  • Tea Strainer -Black or White

  • Honey Dip OR Small Teak Spoons

  • Tray- Available in 4 colors

About the products

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The Minimalist Set $106

  • Paper Tray

  • Candle

  • Matches

  • Horsetail Keychain


The Hardworker $95

  • Think Straight Essential Oil

  • Paper Weight

  • Horn Carved Picture Frame

The Beer Enthusiast $102

  • Brass Bottle Opener

  • Set of Weizen Glasses

  • Set of Goblet Glasses


The Relaxation Set $150

  • Sculpture Vase

  • Candle

  • Bar Soap

  • Turkish Towel