Kathleen Franza


Owner & Designer

Kathleen Hines Franza, owner of KMH Design Inc., has been designing residential interiors for more than 19 years.  Her career began while living in Miami, working as a photographer’s assistant.  Through the industries contacts, she was sought out to work as a set design assistant for a film being shot in Miami. Her career immediately took off.  Kathleen began working on films, commercials, and photo shoots; directing wardrobe, set design, location scouting and propping.  After having a child, she decided to move to Jacksonville, Florida to be closer to her family.  She began working for her family's company, Hines III, Inc., a manufacturer of commercial furniture.  After fourteen years at Hines III, Inc., an architect approached Kathleen to see if she would be interested in collaborating on a large residential project.  She accepted, soon realizing her passion for residential interior design.  It was in 1996 when KMH Design was officially created. 

Kathleen's approach to design is contemporary and minimal in nature, focusing on innovative solutions to create clean, elegant, and restful spaces.  Without any formal training, her designs are untouched by the formality of mainstream viewpoints which presents us with something truly unique. 

“I try never to follow trends but always remain true to simple, clean and timeless design.  We do a lot of research on new materials and incorporate them into our design concepts so that each project retains its own identity and function for the client.”

- Kathleen Hines Franza


Daniela Santos

Architect & Designer

Daniela, schooled in architecture by Sao Judas Tadeu University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, came to the US in 2011 with over 14 years of working in the fields of interior architecture and interior design in both residential and commercial arenas as well as running her own architecture and design studio. Following our firm's minimal, contemporary aesthetic, Daniela was instantly suited to carry the KMH design philosophy to the next level of detail.

"As an architect with experience in interior spaces, I enjoy digging deep in to every detail of a project while offering not only technical solutions but design solutions. I have the unique experience of drafting, creating and designing for clients and witnessing the process from sketch to installation."

-Daniela Santos



Sarah Lindley Geer


Studio Manager

Sarah grew up in a family business on the shores of Outer Banks, NC, where she learned at a very young age the core values of running a company. Sarah furthered her career by attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, obtaining her degree in Entrepreneurship. Her passion has always been to bring her business background into the design and art world, coupled by a contagious, passionate energy that welcomes clients in while providing genuine ongoing customer service to industry partners alike.

You will find Sarah on the jobsite, assisting in client meetings and keeping KMH an efficient and organized running studio.

”I find great joy in nature and crafting it’s beauty. I am passionate about collecting overlooked items and using my creativity and my hands to create art. Being able to thrive in the creative realm while utilizing my business forward thinking brings me great happiness.”